Friday, February 10, 2012

Starting to feel better

I tend to watch the Real Housewives shows whenever they are on and I am nursing. There is something about the shows that I find amusing; either that or I need to find the remote before I start nursing.

I love how the networks believe that this is reality tv. Really who's reality involves that much botox, crying, fighting, and alcohol? Not mine...Ok maybe the alcohol part and only cause I cook with it a LOT. I love wine. However rest assured I am a very responsible mother and I only partake occasionally (around noon at my moms house).

Anyways last post I confessed locking my son in the vehicle, well it's been a few days and I am still sad about the whole ordeal. One of the wonderful things of motherhood is how we take on whole other life. Our children hurt we hurt just as much or more. Something happens to them, it takes forever for us to get over it or forgive ourselves. We have shots next week (I love how I say "we" like I am getting vaccinated too) and already I am apologizing to him. Scary part is for me I have only been doing this for 6 months...o boy.

So instead of marching into a therapist office and handing my cheque book over for the rest of my years I thought I will just journal all my starring motherhood moments. I know I am not alone in the world about the things I do or things that happen and nothing makes you feel better than getting it off your chest and having people share their experiences or drop a few lines of encouragement.

So here I will post all my embarassing, joyful, homourous, and sad moments of my motherhood journey. Hope you are able to laugh and cry with me and share a few moments from your experiences as a Real Housewife of your reality.

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